Women’s Embodied Meditation and Dharma Group – Open to all self identified women. Online Monday’s 9-10 am PT. Noon – 1 pm ET.

 Somatically Sensing

In working with what is as gracefully as possible during this time of COVID, political uncertainty, environmental emergencies and general unsettling times we are in, it’s good to bear in mind that nothing is going to necessarily be steady and smooth.

Listening, feeling and reflecting are integral components of self care and care for each other – and, right now we need to adjust as we go.

As a reflection of this, we are re-adjusting this class – shortening its duration and lowering the cost.

Continuing to utilize the framework of Dharma, mindfulness and somatic psychology, this month we will focus on somatically sensing. The capacity to sense and know utilizes our ability to naturally and organically know ourselves and each other in ways that don’t rely completely on thinking. We’ll explore this topic in meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices and a short didactic reflection.

Open to all self -identified women .

For November please pay what you can afford between $20 + $30. If you can pay more it will help someone who can’t pay as much. The more we are mutually supportive, the more we will see ourselves through this difficult time, together.

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