It might be a bit hidden at the moment — deeply buried in the pages of the news, maybe a shelf in a corner of the grocery store, outside in someone’s smile from across the street  – but, it still exists. As one of my Tibetan teachers told me many years ago – there is a balance of light and dark whether we notice it or not. Our natural negativity bias can be very obvious right now – so we really need to look for the goodness in the world, in each other, find it anywhere we can because it is still there just sometimes somewhat out of view.

With practice, the good news includes the fact that the capacity to cultivate kind awareness and opportunities to choose grows — opportunities to make compassionate, helpful not harmful and clear choices about our thoughts, actions and even behavior in each moment.

We can choose to be kind. And, we can choose to turn towards or away from what is harmful and we can choose to turn towards that which is helpful and skillful.  

This is cultivated – keep remembering that! It’s not until we are enlightened, that we will cease to make mistakes, loose our temper and even get anxious, frustrated and confused.  

So for now, let’s continue to cultivate these attributes together —  from wherever we are sheltering in place all over the globe. To support you, I’m offering two online community groups of practice and teaching: Women’s Embodied Meditation and Dharma Groups. These groups are open to all self-identified women. You’ll find information in the link above about times and cost. 

I have many short guided embodied mindfulness, meditation and somatic awareness practices available here.

Daylong’s from Spirit Rock and NY Insight are available from this link here.

Our practices are for this time right now as they always have been throughout time  – let’s stay together and support each other.

With love and kindness,


ps: the photo is from my walk in my neighborhood yesterday – the blooms made my heart sing.

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