Kind Greetings Friends,

Engaged in the delight of asking questions, curiosity contains a willingness to not know and a thirst to discover more. Curiosity can also contain a little irreverence, especially if held in a playful and kind way by suggesting that we question and not necessarily rely on what we may have grown to think is true or the ‘only way’.

A little of irreverence can be beneficial especially when questioning the restrictive and not invited, demanding voices in our head. Asking “who says?” can be deemed irreverent but in this context just might be enough to begin the unraveling of an insidious and mean internal critic. We can break its spell, even momentarily (done often can disable the conditioning) by stepping back and having a different or wider view. Do we need to continually shrink under an inner critics commands or can we question whether it’s useful, valid or supportive? We can question it, turn away from it and free our hearts a little more.

We can also question cultural norms. Do we have to live our lives as prescribed by what most people think? This doesn’t mean a radical departure necessarily, but a thoughtful and more personal shift in inner direction can make a world of difference to the heart and therefore our lives.

Everything is in flux and always shifting and, with intention and repetition we can create our own changes. Here’s where providing some space in the mind is helpful. If we are standing on the top of a mountain we naturally see more. When we’re uptight or contracted in body/mind, the view shrinks and we loose perspective that is so beneficial to making choices. A little more relaxed and roomy body/mind is also where ideas and new directions have the space to actually be seen and heard.

I see life as a big experiment because no one is exactly like us with the same wonderful mix of mind arrangement and circumstances. So following our hearts with a good discerning mind attached to it creates new avenues for us personally, but everyone really. So questioning by trying a new arrangement, recipe, wild dream or utilizing a “mistake” and running with it can be curiosity and irreverence gone right.

It can be helpful to be in community or company of others thinking for themselves, wise from direct experience and kind because it’s what really matters. This way we feel the support to do things differently and step out of the box.

I hope you’ll join me so that together we continue to forge a way forward that is even more thoughtful and humane. Even just being nice to ourselves and each other can be a radical departure, let’s support each other in all the ways in which we can.

As always, I love hearing from you,

The photo is a tenacious freesia near my home. It inspired me, hope it will you too.