Greetings friends.

Thich Nhat Hanh once said that “Imagination is the power that allows us to see beyond what is visible, to hear what is beyond audible, to touch beyond what is tangible, and to know beyond the intellectual.”

Exploring what is boundless, not necessarily tangible or intellectual, is an aspect of sensing consciousness in the subtle, internal body, also called interoceptive awareness.

From the well traversed wisdom traditions of meditation and yogic practices (now breathing is becoming popular again as recently in the Washington Post) there are infinite amounts of inspiration and moments of child-like awe, renewed balance in the nervous system and the heart/mind and even joy with what life gives, takes away or for no reason at all.

We can open to metaphorically move beyond stagnant conventional reality by letting go of the way “we think” things are or should be. This can be the gift of freedom from within, existing underneath the layer of cultural conventions we feel trapped in and found when we can relax physically and mentally enough to open our hearts.

We can even actually walk these experiences out into our “real” lives with a few minutes of informal practice here or there. This is an important aspect of what we’ll be exploring because if we can’t live and apply what we practice, transformation remains as a concept or in conversation only. These inner gifts are the ones that you find, own for yourself and utilize as needed, anytime and anywhere.

So here are a few ways I’m really looking forward to investigating and guiding you into the subtle, somatic aspect of inner and outer freedom in different ways:

Inner Awareness: The Subtle, Unseen and Energetic Aspect of Body Consciousness
Sunday’s, March 26, April 2, April 16, April 23: 10 am – 3 pm PT, 1-6 pm ET. Online, can be taken as a series, or (newly offered) individually.

March 26 – Going to the Root: The Pelvic Floor Diaphragm

April 2 – Heart Space

April 16 – Mind Space: The Skull Diaphragm

April 23-Moving the Mind: Personal Choices for Resting Awareness and Presence

April 8: A Body of Kindness, hosted online by New York Insight

I’m offering in person mentoring one on one sessions in Berkeley, also as always online

I’ll leave you with a poem by the great Tibetan Yogi, Milarepa: 

“The open sky is my mind, Vast and clear, without boundary. Like the sun and moon, it shines, illuminating all that I see.

Free from prejudice and opinion, It embraces all with equanimity. Without clinging or rejecting, It remains pure and unchanging.

Oh, may my mind be like the sky, Free from limitations and fears. May it be open and spacious, Radiating love and compassion.

For only with an open mind, Can I truly understand. The nature of all things, And the interdependence of all.

May I cultivate this openness, And abide in the vastness of my mind. For only in this way, Can I truly be free”.

Yours on the path of exploration and experimentation, Jill

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