Many of us are in need of some extra space—space in our homes, our schedules, between one another, and even a little more space between our often relentless thoughts would be a relief.

It’s a nice idea to have more spaciousness internally, especially when we may not have it in our outer world, but as just an idea, thought or concept it doesn’t quite do the trick.

Fortunately, there are ways to cultivate space within that have the potential for ease physically, emotionally and mentally, in spite of what the external world is presenting.

One way to cultivate space is with breath – breath literally can open internal space almost like blowing up a balloon — the balloon gets bigger from the air blown into it and the ‘skin’ of the balloon expands accordingly.

Space can be procured through meditation and there are many techniques to prepare for and then rest the mind into spacious awareness.

Internal somatic practices are also excellent to invite and create space, these are the more energetic practices that are a bit more nuanced and subtle but very powerful.

Basically, any portal of mind, body or heart can lead towards more space if invited with kindness, curiosity and a good dose of imagination. Contemplatives have been practicing procuring and lingering in spacious, open awareness for centuries. They have written about it, created songs about it, painted artwork to depict it and danced about it. As space is rather abstract, sometimes words don’t quite do it justice, but the direct experience of it even for a few minutes is undeniably peaceful and can be blissful.

I have some guided practices on my site that might be a good start to finding some additional internal space, and I’ll be offering a 4 part series: Embodied Spacious Awareness beginning September 3rd.

Another thing that can provide the space of relief are practices geared towards meeting chronic pain and or illnesses. We don’t have to like something to not fight it or contract around it and this series will offer practices aimed towards being with that which is painful and hard to bear. This 4-part class series Meeting Chronic Pain and Illness with Kind Awareness will begin July 29th.

Join me for a guided practice every Thursday morning 9 – 9:30 am PT, freely offered, just write me at connect @  jill satterfield.  org to receive a link.

I hope that you remain safe and well and as sane as possible as we navigate this new territory of life as it is right now. May we continue to find support with each other and our practices so that we can continue to re-shape the world that works for all beings.

Kindly, Jill

PS: The photo above was taken from my car during a rare drive up North near where I live in California. The view took my breath away and the image still inspires me to remember and look at the sky often, no matter where I am.

PPS: If you would like to take either of the 4 part series as a trade for organizing payments, recordings and various other details, write me here.

In kindness, Jill