Kind Greetings Friends,

I used to think about impermanence often hoping the reality and truth of it would sink in, saving me from future disappointments and surprises. I know now that wisdom comes slowly and through experience and, that thinking about something doesn’t rush or replace its embodiment or absorption! I did try…

In the meantime, as we all continue to marinate and allow digestion of our experiences to take hold, I believe we can greatly benefit from places of deep refuge to rest, retreat and find comfort within.  In the midst of constant shifting, changing and the inevitable re-arranging of life we can give ourselves room in the heart to recover and adjust.

In this season of holidays and moving into a new calendar year it can be especially important to hold a small amount of time for ourselves, to fortify our capacity for being with what is and recover from the times we might not have had as much capacity as we would like. 

Kindness towards us and each other is paramount now as is forgiveness and knowing how to begin again. Might not sound like new things as thoughts, but actually forgiving, starting again and being truly kind can be wholly new experiences. 

I hope you’ll consider joining me for some of these occasions for practice as all of our practices lead towards greater understanding of our own humanity, freeing the heart/mind and bringing the body to some ease.

Small Group and One on One Mentoring Program: 4 mentoring sessions, 4 private sessions, 4 peer group sessions from January – April. 

Inner Resources: 5 breath Practices, 5 Meditation Practices to listen to anytime. 

Work with me one on one anytime. Within our time together I’ll record a practice just for you and follow up around how it manifests in your daily life, benefitted (or maybe not so much) your ability to be with your own heart-mind and body, and build from there. Discover and experiment with how to tailor different practices to best work with your life and conditions right now. 

Day of Practice with Sangha Live, February 17th

The Somatics of Thought and Emotion: Working with the Mind and Heart Through the Body, hosted online by Spirit Rock. Save the dates, it’ll be posted soon: February 23, March 3, 8 + 15 10am PT – 3pm PT.

More in the works – hope to see you soon. 


PS: The photo above was on the internet with no photo credit to be found. Apologies for that to whomever created it and thank you for putting it out there.