It’s summer time here in the U.S. which means we can a little bit lighter in spirit, at least that’s what we most of us would like to be the case!

This car was parked on my street recently, and it reminded me that adding a bit of color and lightness somehow or somewhere at some point during the day is really important. How we do that can take many forms and shapes but something that brings some brevity and color to the heart is not only refreshing, but can make a palpable difference in our approach to whatever we meet next.

I suggest this to myself, and now offer it to you on this summer day – to remember that possibilities are endless, as long as you allow space in the heart for them. Possibilities, imagination and what we might construe as magic are everywhere even in the harshest of circumstances – part of our magnificent resiliency as human beings is in remembering these truths whenever we can. If we look at what we have lived through, personally and globally we remember that even when things are heavy, there can be a glimmer of lightness, and so often that is what sees us through. 

So think outside of your boxes–  as John Cage once said in his 10 rules for Students, Teacher and Life: “Rule 4:  Consider everything an experiment”. If you imagine what you want to see in your own heart and mind and the world at least for a few precious moments, you can live as you have everything to gain and nothing to loose. This experiment can free the heart, and open the windows of the mind — a little breeze inside is always a refreshing thing. 

So, experiment with me if you can: if you’re around N. California maybe you can join me for a daylong at Spirit Rock this Friday the 19th for: Stored Emotions: A Mindfulness and Somatic Exploration of Past Experiences. (CE’s offered). Imagination, creative approaches and diving below a verbal story and into the felt sense with powerfully creative intentions will be guiding us towards airing out our proverbial body/heart/mind. 

Or, meet up with me for an in person session in New York City from July 29 + August 6. I’d love to support you in opening out and up. Reach out here:

Or consider this — find time to take care of yourself on retreat with me my closest friends and Dharma sisters in September: Coming Home to Yourself: Embodied Mindfulness Retreat for Women, in the Santa Cruz redwoods. We’ll move, breathe, walk in nature, unplug if you care to dare to, be in beautiful silence together and meet new friends of like mind/heart.