Kind Greetings Friends,

How do we ‘see’ what we see? Seeing can be internal and also with our opened eyes. But, the if we rely only on external vision only it can actually blind us to what is unseen and known within. The photos above are a reflection of seen and unseen – on the left there is a photo of bronchial tubes in our lungs and the left is a photo of a tree. The two are so similar and I find it very heart opening and connecting to actually see this and know the similarity.

There are universes of rich internal experiences, wisdom and resources we just need to look in a different way to discover them. So, how do we see more?

Learning or remembering how to drop down and into our internal landscape can lead to a place or even multiple places of refuge and resources, unseen and yet sensed, eventually deeply known. Because we are often pulled outwardly towards what is happening around or in front of us, we can quickly loose track of what is going on inside of ourselves, but we don’t have to.

What can be really interesting as well as incredibly supportive is that we can observe and sense our ‘inner’ experiences as we simultaneously know and experience what is happening in the ‘outer’ world. Inner and outer awareness as it’s often referred to is a practice, and can be cultivated in many ways.

When we have a sense of how we are responding internally first, or about to react to something external we have a few moments to make choices. These fleeting but catchable moments can make a huge difference in how we behave. By practicing which is a lot about repeating something skillful and supportive – we eventually embody it.

Embodying something in this sense means we have it available, it’s ours, we pull it out and utilize it as a resource or refuge when we need or want to.

These next few months of offerings are really all about having a variety of these inner resources as we move into the holidays, and just into our world as best as we are able. In this difficult period of time we are in together, I believe we need all the support possible to take better care of ourselves and each other.

Hope to see you soon,

PS: The photos above are from one of my favorite sources Geometry in Nature