I hope that this message finds you safe and as well and sane as possible. 

As we recognize our interdependence, our commonalities and how we can thrive together rather than separately we are called to re-imagine the world we wish to live in.

Recognizing that our voices have to be heard if we continue to collectively and loudly use them, we can create change where it’s most desperately needed. We can also call forth our wisest and most compassionate selves to transform our own internal fixed views and unconscious biases and re-imagine and heal them internally as well.

Self-reflection and investigation isn’t for everyone, but many of us on a spiritual path are reminded that freeing ourselves from what binds us individually and collectively takes looking within. Concurrently it’s helpful to remember that many have traversed these inner roads before us and that their findings and realizations can support us now.

As some of our wisest healers and leaders have done, we can draw upon nature for instance as a way to transform and heal. We can utilize the powerful resources of all the elements: water, fire, earth, air and space to remember and reconstitute ourselves internally. Inner and outer nature are the same – it’s only what we think that keeps us from recognizing our true and innermost nature.

Especially within these surreal and very real times that we are in, we need all the support we can get. We can stretch the arms of our practices to include some of the more somatic and Shamanistic yogic practices that have transformed and healed countless beings in the past. Embodiment is not just a concept, it is a felt recognition with the benefits of being rooted to the present, physically and cognitively — not just to our own bodies but  to the body of our Mother our Earth. When we connect we feel, we care and our compassion only grows.

Beginning Monday, the 22nd I’ll be offering 5 weeks of practice, each week with a different element. Together we’ll explore our physical, emotional, mental and energetic nature – developing what we need more of and quelling that which we might be experiencing too much of to find more balance and ease with ourselves and each other.

These Monday classes are offered to self-identified women only. I don’t wish to offend or leave my male friends out, so I’ll open this up at some point soon, and if you are interested feel free to let me know!.

Open to all –  binary or non-binary everyone is most welcome to join me on Thursday’s at 9-9:30 am Pacific time for a freely offered guided practice of the elements that will be the companion to the classes for the next 5 weeks and after which will resume to a wide variety of practices. Contact me here to be sent the link.

There are new recordings on my site, also freely offered. And if you are interested in working with me individually please contact me here anytime.

I am hopeful that we actually can change our world for the better. Maybe the time we are in not only calls us but fortifies us to break open conceptual ill fitting boxes and ridiculous walls around anything and everything so that wider more vast and open views can be seen and appreciated by all.

May it be so.