images 4.24.53 PMPractice whether it is mindfulness, meditation, yoga, prayer, with nature, art, song or whatever form we choose that returns us to the present moment is sane and meaningful.  Returning to the moment we are in with curiosity is generous, returning with a kind attitude is both generous and understanding, returning and trying again is gracious and compassionate. 

Where else in our lives can we begin again and reconnect without judgment, without being ashamed, or embarrassed or want to just give up? The practice of connecting to the present moment over and over is a generous, spacious and precious gift that we can offer to ourselves at any time.

Held lightly within this gift of practice and the willingness to reconnect is the capacity to allow. We allow others to fall down and get back up, to forget and then remember, to lose awareness of the moment and come back to it with the next breath, the next sensation, the next sound that’s heard. With this generosity of heart, we live with more ease and graciousness, we less critical of mistakes, we are more forgiving of ourselves and others and we maintain full appreciation of how fallible and fragile we all are.

In this vulnerable and disconnected time that we’re in, the practice of connection and generosity cannot be more timely or needed. Fortunately it’s a skill that can be developed, and it can start as soon as you notice your very next breath.