Kind Greetings Friends,

Many times, recently, I’ve had to consciously re-arrange my ‘inner furniture.’

When something or things are troublesome, worrisome, or not as desired in my personal or larger world it’s been helpful to assess how I’m creating discomfort about something I either can or can’t control.

Sensing this feels somatically like the inner space of the heart/mind getting smaller and tighter as if a room has too many things crowded into it – piles of unwanted papers, too many pieces of furniture, closed curtains over the windows that could provide some light.
We all can consciously re-arrange our inner space- and open the windows some and bring in light and air, and find some place of inner refuge where we can take a breath and relax a little.

Even with situations that we aren’t in full control of, like the fires raging in Quebec and other areas of our world, we can keep some internal sanity and space so that we can take compassionate action to prevent further destruction of our shared world.
Author and environmentalist Bill Mckibben wrote on Substack. “My eyes are stinging a bit from the smoke, but I’ve never seen more clearly.”

In relationship to the air and our shared planet, I believe we do need a sting of sorts to open the eyes of our heart/mind more. The Buddha spoke about this as knowing suffering and the causes of it.
Being aware of inner and outer harm- the sting if you will- is an opportunity to re-arrange what we can. It can be a time for a new practice, a new view, to soften where we sense closing down and contracting that can result in isolating which makes everything more painful.
Fortunately, the air has cleared some where I am in New York City, and we can go out and feel safer breathing again without a mask. Such as in all discomfort, we are afforded an opportunity to start again, re-arrange and re-assess, open the proverbial windows in our heart/mind. We can air things out energetically to make room for new ideas, perspectives, behaviors, and ways to be of kind service in the world.

Let’s all continue to create new paradigms that can recreate a safer world we can all live in together.

With kindness,