Warm greetings friends,

Staying inspired especially during current difficult times in the world, for me includes taking some time to experience the more unseen but ‘felt and known’ aspects of existence.

We have been mostly taught to believe in what we can see, read and or prove through science and there is a lot to be said for the credibility of all of those things. There is also tremendous credibility in our direct experience – especially what we experience in our hearts or during meditation for instance.

The photo above was borrowed from a wonderful Instagram site called Geometry.in.nature  this is a photograph of a human heart, and some of the text in the post says “Did you know that the heart has the ability to generate the largest electromagnetic fields in the body, and that these fields change according to emotions, or that the human heart has a magnetic field that can be measured up to several meters away from the human body?” This is really awe inspiring to me.

We can’t literally see this magnetic field without a variety of tools, but we can know it’s there. Just like we don’t see energy (well, sometimes in deep meditation states or with pyschedelics) but we can sense and feel it, we don’t see love but we definitely know its affects and to be true.

The unseen and subtle body exists within our physical body and is composed of energy generated by the heart, by the mind and by its own organic nature. It’s awareness expanding to experience the body/mind as fields of energy. And, exciting to know what we can generate things ourselves, as in what we might imagine.

The great Zen teacher and writer Norman Fischer said that “For spiritual practitioners, life is the field of practice. Spiritual practitioners try to master the art of living”.
The great Khenpo Karthar reminded us that “The way we experience things is simply the display of our minds.” and the extraordinary composer and Dharma practitioner Phillip Glass once stated that “The path is not laid out and already known. It is something we can be called upon to create. life is the ultimate creative act”.

We all possess imaginal cells, and hopefully together we can re-imagine ourselves and our world to be better, more kind and loving, more thoughtful and cherished.

With kindness,