Kind Greetings Friends,

Over the past decade or so my main practice has been tending to the tenderization of my heart. Over time with this as my focus, I’ve come to more fully realize that it’s a sense not just a thought process and that the most profoundly impactful way to live a kinder gentler life has been through somatically sensing and inducing this in my body. This probably doesn’t surprise any of you who know me!

As I share the practices that I experience the most release, relief, spaciousness and insights from I see many surprised expressions when people practice them and feel similarly. It really can change us profoundly.

I believe this is because if we experience rather than conceptualize, we aren’t as prone to have our experience overlayed by what someone has taught or said. The practice then is the most valuable source of wisdom (by way of experience) with the philosophy and psychology as bolstering the experience. Our cognitive understanding shows us why we might wish to do a particular practice again, and what some of the benefits are or will be if we continue to repeat the practice over time.

Hope to see you somewhere soon.

With kindness,