How wonderful it is to feel a part of the many who practice, who search, inquire, listen and share.Wherever I go, I am always at home when I meet others who practice – something. Something reflective, introspective and kind.

What method is practiced, what lineage, where it originated actually doesn’t matter. What matters, deeply, is the shape the practice takes in our lives. How does a practice show up?  How do you move from it?  With it and because of it?…

When I meet anyone who has the intention of staying present, being kind, being real and true and genuine I feel at home, I feel connection, I feel ease.

We practice in our own individual ways, by ourselves. We also gather together to practice with a singular voice with similar direction. This gathering strengthens us, fuels our practice time alone, gives us information and new depth.

Returning to the grand and worthy experiment of solitary practice we may embody, embrace and make personal sense of what we have learned.

And, even sitting on our cushion or moving on our mat, or painting on a canvas, or walking in the woods, or praying or whatever we are doing with a soft heart we remember the sangha, the community, the others who are doing something similar. This remembering fills us, fuels us and relaxes us into knowing that we are one of many holding true to our hearts. And, looking deeply into our most incredible minds.