“As we inhabit our body with increasing sensitivity, we learn its unspoken language and patterns, which gives us tremendous freedom to make choices. The practice of cutting thoughts and dispersing negative repetitive patterns can be simplified by attending to the patterns in the body first, before they begin to be spun around in the mind”.
~ Jill Satterfield, Tricycle Magazine

Skills for Living: Mindfulness and Meditation Tools to Teach those with Chronic Health Condition

Due to the experiential nature of mindfulness and meditation, this training is limited to those with a dedicated meditation practice of two years or more, or already teaching meditation and mindfulness or currently in a teacher training.

Classes will be online through Zoom, recorded and available to those who sign up.

There will be an optional peer group meeting in between each session.

Space is limited.

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I highly recommend this teacher training after having been a mentor for it for the last 2 cohorts. The materials are excellent, the community that blossoms from the small groups are invaluable, the emphasis on practice teaching and feedback build confidence and the consistency of being with something for 2 years allows for a beautiful gestation of the practices and skills. 

To be transparent, I do receive a small gift if you use this link to apply. And, I am happy to talk to you about the program if you are interested before you sign up, just write to me and we’ll arrange a time. 

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield