New Mentoring Group 

September – December 2024

This mentoring program gathers like heart/minds together in a community collectively interested in cultivating new spiritual friends, kind awareness, and the felt experiences of embodiment – all framed in Dharma philosophy and psychology.

The Buddha spoke about Kalyana Mitta – admirable friendships as the most important part of the path. Our spiritual friends, mentors and teachers remind us of our true nature and inspire us to practice and dig a little deeper to (re)discover Citta, our heart/mind and inner refuge.

Each meeting will present a different and very unique somatic and subtle body practice, most likely none that you have experienced before. Each practice is rooted physiologically as naturally occurring physical phenomena and yet are equally energetic and psychologically somatic.

Training the mind, calming energy and balancing the nervous system are vitally important to be able to touch in during the day and observe, be with, and re-direct depending on what is most beneficial. So our exploration will emphasize two equally important forms of practice: formal and informal. Formal as in training to be spontaneously informal as in being aware and embodied during the day when choices reign supreme.

Resources and practices will be culled from the Vipassana/Insight tradition (in the Thai Forest Tradition) with some from the Tibetan and Yogic traditions.

It’s most beneficial if you have had two years of meditation practice. Priority will be given to those whom have done at least one silent retreat.

Please feel free to set up a meeting with Jill to see if this is a good fit for you.

The Components:

Monthly 90 minute group meetings with Jill on Zoom:

These meetings will offer a breathing practice, a guided meditation, a short talk for context and philosophy and sharing time with group members.

Monthly 45 minute one-on-one private Zoom session with Jill:

These meetings will be tailored to you; where you are, where you’ve been and what you are seeking now going forward. There will be a guided practice (recorded just for you) possibly a breathing practice or restorative yoga posture(s), opportunities to balance your nervous system and vagal nerve, and ways to frame and or reframe how you are meeting yourself and life.

Optional Monthly 60 minute peer-led group meeting on Zoom

Recordings of all practices, from your private session and the group sessions.

Connect anytime- Have a question about your practice?, no problem. Email or phone access to Jill when needed.

Resources for additional readings, research and avenues of pursuit.

What some of the participants have said about the course:

“With wisdom, creativity and tenderness, Jill has opened a door to practicing with imagination. Practice has become a joy. She has been masterful harmonizing experiential and conceptual embodiment, supporting and validating each member of our group is on their path while underscoring the importance of trust and faith of the path”
“Being part of Jill’s group has been a wonderful gift. I have deepened my awareness and experience of embodied mindfulness. Her teaching and support has enabled me to have more trust in my practice and to be freer with myself. She has broadened my understanding of what meditation can be . Working in a small group and having private mentoring sessions with a skilled teacher like Jill has been both a great learning opportunity and a joyful experience for me”
“I love meeting monthly with our small group of practitioners, it is a safe and intimate place for expanding and sharing our meditation practices and experiences. Our sessions with Jill’s guidance and intelligence always opens a new door into the wisdom held within my body, heart and mind. From our group, I am learning that when the teachings and the practices become embodied expressions they are always available as tools to bring stillness and spaciousness in meeting moments of uncertainty, it is a gift”

“Jill brings a rare opportunity to practice in group setting, and receive more personalized guidance and attention. She builds on foundational mindfulness practices in creative ways that help deepen understanding. And, her unique focus on subtleties and nuance of somatic awareness helps foster balanced states of body, heart and mind both my personal practice and in my role as teacher”

Cost: $1,250 (create a payment plan if needed)

Please send information about yourself and your practices and why you are interested in joining this group to Jill. A 15 minute connection meeting will be set up followed by a registration form. Looking forward to getting to know you better!

A sliding scale is offered for those with financial need.
Please contact Jill for details.

“As we inhabit our body with increasing sensitivity, we learn its unspoken language and patterns, which gives us tremendous freedom to make choices. The practice of cutting thoughts and dispersing negative repetitive patterns can be simplified by attending to the patterns in the body first, before they begin to be spun around in the mind”.
~ Jill Satterfield, Tricycle Magazine

New Upcoming Thursdays Group

Thursdays 10 -11:30 a.m. PT
Sept. 26, Oct. 17, Nov. 21, Dec.19
Cost $1125
A few scholarships are available, please inquire!