Listening to Body Language

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Listening sometimes means hearing a lot of noise. New practitioners of meditation can attest to this. Sit down, turn your attention inwardly and the sound of a million disparate voices, songs and static fill your awareness.

Mindfulness of the Body

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Over the past 33 years my practice has changed, re-arranged, been fallow and fruitful - but one constant theme has been mindfulness of the body. By returning my mind to the home of my body I've navigated tumultuous mental storms and a myriad of emotional events. The yogis of long ago utilized asana as an anchor in their life’s storms as well - to reduce their suffering, to control their minds.

Yoga Service – an interview with Jill Satterfield from the Huffington Post

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· What emotionally connects you to give back the gift of yoga? Sharing the boundless gifts of yoga and meditation not only pays respect to the generosity of those who have diligently practiced and cared enough to teach others, but is also a beautifully valuable way of life through which we can help others help themselves. Giving back is an organic and natural development of practice. As compassion blossoms, the pollination is action. The action aspect of compassion is what compels many of us, and those of us who are here to rise to assess where and how we might help others and make a difference.

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