Self Compassion

June 16, 2018, Amsterdam

Befriending ourselves and the critic within is a practice that is learned, not always innate. In order to grow compassion, we start with ourselves by rooting out the internal weeds of criticism and replacing the unhealthy habits with those more supportive, kind and fruitful.

How do we practice with kindness towards our selves – our abilities, non-abilities, what we like about ourselves, what we don’t? The tools of kindness and compassion are many; soft breath, kind speech, gentle effort and inner awareness among them.

By developing inner awareness, we gain the capacity to address thoughts and emotions and the affects that conversations, stress, work, partnerships, the world has on our body and heart/mind -in the moment that we are affected, not years later.

By fine tuning our ability to notice and feel sensations and patterns of breath while in restful poses, sitting in meditation, then while walking, then while speaking – we begin a progressive path to being free from mental and emotional (negative, hurtful) loops and patterns that we often find ourselves in. We can meet our selves with a kindness that stands up to even the harshest critic or situation and with a willingness unbridled.

These inquiries and investigations will be supported by:

• Restorative yoga postures
• Seated and walking meditation
• Dialogue and discussions

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