Recorded Teachings

Thank you for being interested in cultivating more heart-mind capacity. Every one of us who reflects on the nature of being, ventures towards expanding their heart, and imagining a better inner/outer world affects us all.

Mingyur Rinpoche said “Freeing the heart involves learning how to relax with whatever arises in our experience, to cultivate an attitude of openness, compassion and clarity towards ourselves and others. Through this process, we can discover a natural sense of happiness and well-being that is available to us in every moment, regardless of our outer circumstances.” May our collective intentions be towards this!

The painter Francis Picabia once noted that “Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction.” Thank goodness.

I’m happy to be of support to you on your path. We are in this life together.

And thank you very much for supporting me financially with any amount that you can. It’s a challenge to make teaching Dharma and embodied mindfulness a livelihood so your support truly helps keep me able to offer what I can in these ways.



  • Learning to be kind to ourselves

  • The relaxation of thoughts

  • Generosity

  • Imagining space for kindness

  • Breathing into and out of the Heart

  • Somatically experiencing compassion


  • Healing Breath Meditation

  • Mindfulness of Body and Breath

  • Meditation on Sensation

  • Body as House

  • Breath of Nature

  • Becoming aware of how thoughts and emotions affect the body


  • Breath of Nature

  • Finding softness and space in the midst of discomfort and pain

  • Guided Practice: Somatic Space for Compassion and Kindness

  • Becoming Aware of how Thoughts and Emotions Affect the Body

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