Mindfulness in Motion – Integrating Mindfulness into Asana: For Teachers, London

June 24,10:00 – 17:00,  Triyoga

A daylong for teachers.

Mindfulness from the Buddhist tradition is a practice that leads to wisdom and compassion, a steady mind and the ability to notice the present moment as it arises, with kindness.

Directly integrating this intentional practice into yoga postures can include a willingness to let things be; to see things as they arise without fixing or changing, and eventually a settling and ease of the heart/mind that infiltrates daily life when we leave the studio.

What can be an interesting challenge and maturing of our asana practice then, is learning to integrate mindfulness into asana, and to witness with kindness what comes up – how we might let go without losing the form, when to control breath and when to simply observe it so that we know our deepest mental and emotional patterns; how to apply loving kindness in the moment with what is revealed rather than later on, and just in theory.

This can be great grist for the mill as a teacher, a deepening of the well – but as every teacher knows, then there is the articulation of what has been experienced. Part of our day will be in how to lead others safely, kindly and in a secular, practical and accessible way.

Our day together will explore techniques and methods, movement and stillness, personal inquiry and lively group discussion and practice teaching. Together we’ll explore within a supportive community of teachers, this powerful and profoundly meaningful integration, and how we might bring it into the world to share it with others.

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