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Meet Jill

Jill Satterfield is an international mindfulness and meditation teacher, wellness program curriculum developer, speaker and coach. Jill’s integration of mindfulness, meditation and embodiment practices include somatic and contemplative psychology. She has been in the field of integrative healthcare for over 35 years; teaching in hospitals, trauma centers, addiction institutes, at risk youth facilities and  meditation centers with the clear intention of being with people from all walks of life, backgrounds and dispositions.

Her dedication to understanding her own mind and body and subsequently creating accessible, practical ways to offer meditation and mindfulness was born from having lived through multiple surgeries, years of chronic pain and the marginalization that often comes from a condition not being recognized. Needing to help herself first, she practiced in over 150 silent meditation retreats –  in monasteries, meditation communities and in isolation –  and then began teaching a diverse variety of communities to bring mindfulness and meditation to all. She was named “one of the 4 leading (mindful movement) and Buddhist teachers in the country” by Shambhala Sun (now Lion’s Roar) Magazine.

Jill has developed trainings for a variety of healthcare providers including nurses, physicians, substance abuse counselors, social workers, and therapists. These classes and trainings not only facilitate the  integration of  mindfulness and meditation interventions into a professional context, but  support clinicians in reducing burn out and compassion fatigue as well. She frequently offers Grand Rounds and clinician supervision groups in the East Bay, CA.

Jill is a founding faculty member of Spirit Rock Meditation Center’s Mindful Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training, and teaches there on a regular basis. She also created and leads advanced Applied Embodied Mindfulness Trainings at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center.  Her organization School for Compassionate Action: Mindfulness and Somatic Practices to those living with chronic pain, trauma and addictions brought mindfulness and somatic practices to at risk and in need adults and children, and trained other to do so for over 10 years in New York City. Jill was scholar and teacher in residence at the Kripalu Center in 2004. With her teacher Ajahn Amaro, Jill was the first to bring mindful yoga onto silent meditation retreats at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, and the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts over 20 years ago. She continued to break ground on Tibetan retreats with respected teachers such as Mingyur Rinpoche, and Tsoknyi Rinpoche.  Jill trained as a Buddhist Chaplain at the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies and is a mentor for Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach’s upcoming Mindfulness Teacher Training.

Jill has been featured in the New York Times, More, Crains, Yoga Journal, UK’s Yoga Magazine,  Happinez Magazine of Holland and Tricycle Magazine, Shambhala Sun amongst others. She contributed to the book “ Freeing the Body: Freeing the Mind” by Michael Stone, and is currently composing her own book.

Past Consulting Clients include:

  • Healing the Divide: The Richard Gere Foundation
  • Bent on Learning: Yoga for Urban Youth, NYC
  • The Lineage Project: Yoga and Meditation for At Risk Youth, NYC
  • Gouverneur Healthcare, NYC
  • Roosevelt Addiction Institute, NYC


“You got the highest ratings of any speaker we have ever had at Grand Rounds!” Mills-Pennisula Hospital Physician

“You are the real deal – what we have only studied as far as healing you have lived and accomplished. You are an example of what working with the mind and body means” Lorimer Moseley

“Jill was one of the first yoga teachers to incorporate mindfulness in her teachings. She understands the healing power of mindfulness and embodiment because she has experienced it for herself. She also has a unique perspective on the social good that both practices can offer the world. Jill possesses specific and valuable knowledge about the more subtle aspects of the body that can help anyone deepen their practice”. Phillip Moffitt, Guiding Teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Founder of Life Balance

“Jill is that rare teacher who speaks to the intuition as well as the intellect, activating the capacity for healing and realization in her students.  Both practical and profound, she bridges the mind-body connection”. Anna Douglas, Founding Spirit Rock Teacher

“Jill is one of the most intuitively knowledgeable teachers I know. She combines science and spirituality, seen and unseen, in ways that are practical and accessible. Having Jill teach my patients meditation and movement practices has been an incredible support in their healing. I can’t recommend her highly enough”. Dr. Mark Hyman, Founder and Director of the Ultra Wellness Center, and Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

“The manner in which you convey the teachings is unreplicated by any other teacher who has visited our sangha and is a true gift to our sangha”. Michael Coughlin, Napa Insight

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the (embodied mindfulness) work you are doing with the folks we have in common. I see the difference!” Charese Allen, LCSW

“The work with you Jill has been so helpful, in a number of ways: using the foundations of mindfulness to think about the position each women in the psychotherapy group take up in the world. As a psychotherapist it has enabled me to bring more compassion to those individuals suffering and to the work general. Through the work with you I also have an understanding of how to use mindfulness and yogic practices to explore suffering, to slow down the impulse to automatically turn away from it, in the various ways we all do. I love your ideas around skilfull means and how you take a problem such as fear of leaving the home and use a practice like walking meditation to explore it. You have a unique and wise approach to the business of relating. Cass /psychotherapist in the UK working with women at risk

“Jill is one of the most humble yet powerful teachers I have ever known. Without fanfare or attitude she shares a wealth of knowledge that only those whom have spent years mining inner depths can offer. I am truly grateful for her guidance”. Tom B.

I have been mentored by Jill for the past two years. It’s incredible how spontaneously her wisdom flows through and imparts itself into any life situation. Her humor is catching, and has allowed me to lighten up even in the most serious times, and deepen up when I need to take a closer look at myself and my own heart and mind”. J.M.

“What was apparent to me was the sincerity of your heart, a heart that had been through hell and chose to stay open, and also chose to use whatever pain that life had served up as a way to be of benefit to others. On the occasions that I have had since to be around you, I continue to see that this is true.  I admire that you have found a way to humbly and courageously share what others may or may not understand”.

“We weren’t sure how to begin a wellness program for our small start up company until someone introduced us to Jill. Her years of experience in the healthcare field, and her understanding of practical and accessible mindfulness and wellness tools to help our employees were exactly the right fit. Everyone has been benefitting from what she created for us, and we see for ourselves the benefits of having our employees utilize the combination of mind body tools that she has given them” Marcus S.

“Jill’s wisdom, humor and lack of pretension allows me and all of us, to access mindfulness and meditation and actually bring it into our lives in ways that make sense to each of us” Paul M.

“Jill’s retreats are more than teacher training they reform you in a way that changes every aspect of your life and all of your relationships”. Nicole Darnell, France

“I love working with people who are suffering from illness and pain (I know that might sound strange) but it is real-er than real as both the patients (and I) negotiate fear, anger, and confusion.  Working with the patients in the medical setting points me towards what is truly useful in yoga/ somatic integration/ meditation/communication – I find I am paring things down into their simpler, clearer, and cleaner expressions both in action and in words, striving to make the teachings accessible to people of all backgrounds and belief systems.  It has been such a gift.

In that, I want to thank you for your teaching, guidance and friendship – there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t think of you, hear your voice in my head, wish you well and feel a deep gratitude for your presence in my life”. Diana Slattery

“Jill is as authentic as one can get.  Her teaching breaks through misconceptions and delusions about yoga and meditation and hits us right where it counts, in our hearts and in relation to our daily lives.  Jill helped me access some of the hardest, darkest spaces within myself, and she led me to do this with an attitude of openness and the expectation that healing is possible”.  Emily Garrett, owner Laughing River Yoga Burlington VT

“Jill’s analogies and metaphors and gift for detailing and exacting instruction have been the best instructions I have ever had” Rick