Loving Kindness and Self Compassion: The Development and Embracing of Both

February 3–4, 2018, 10am–5pm

This mini retreat is open to anyone with interest in taking better care of themselves. The tools and techniques offered are practical, accessible and translatable to many of life’s circumstances and environments, including personal and professional.

Both days will incorporate the practices of loving kindness and compassion cultivation, initially for oneself as in self compassion, and then mined for self regulation, care giver fatigue, burnout prevention and greater resilience under stress and duress. We will also investigate the role of understanding interdependence as it relates to self compassion as a component of service to others and the world.

We’ll discuss ways to normalize self care and kindness and how to take care of others without loosing yourself completely in the process. We’ll investigate what brings spaciousness back to the heart when it begins to contract from fear, overworking, self neglect or criticism – and how to catch any of those symptoms faster rather than when they’ve gone on too long. How caring for another or oneself is the truest form of interdependence, non separation and love. There will be periods of practice guided and some periods practiced in noble silence.

Day two will additionally incorporate how to guide these practices and modify them depending on the community or an individual and their needs. Day two is open without having taken day one, but it is highly recommended that both be taken for full understanding and saturation. Day two is open to anyone and will be relevant to those not teaching or incorporating the subject matter into a particular profession, as they will be appropriate to applying the practices to oneself.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify ways to increase our internal capacity for love and kindness to create balance in ourselves
  • Increase ability to be vulnerable and identifying the times when vulnerability is effective
  • Incorporate loving kindness and compassion practices and understand how these practices decrease distress and regulate emotions
  • Explore the foundation of self compassion and how daily practice allows us to more effectively understand and care for others
  • Identify practical and essential practices of self care and compassion
  • Understand and demonstrate how to use self-compassion as a regulation tool
  • Identify the symptoms of compassion fatigue before they have taken deep hold
  • Create simple acts of daily self kindness and compassion

8 CE’s are offered for the weekend.

For psychologists and California licensed MFTs, LCSWs, LEPs, LPCCs, nurses, and chiropractors. If you have a different license and are interested in CE credit, please check with your licensing Board to see if credits for programs from APA or BRN approved providers are accepted.

Continuing Education credit is co-sponsored by School for Compassionate Action and the Spiritual Competency Resource Center.

Recommendations of local places to stay, and eat will happily be shared – just write: info at school for compassionate action dot com
Held at the Ashtanga Yoga Berkeley Studio in Berkeley, CA.

Fee: $150 per day, or $275 for the weekend

CE’s (4) for one day) $60, (8) for the weekend $ 100

Sliding Scale upon request, please write to inquire first before applying a sliding scale info@jillsatterfield.org