Meeting Chronic Pain and Illness with Kind Awareness

Wednesday’s 5-6:30 pm PDT/8-9:30 pm EST July 29, August 5, 12 and 19

We don’t have to like chronic pain or an illness, but we also don’t need to contract around it.  This series will offer practices aimed towards being with that which is painful and hard to bear.

How do we navigate pain? What are ways to be in a body that is experiencing illness without anger, or shutting down; how might we create a kinder relationship, even friendship with the body that is not what we wish it to be, or grieve the body we used to have? We will address these questions and more with practices meant to empower what can become dis-empowering.

Working with  the central nervous system, mind and heart in practical and accessible ways will offer access to deep rest and restoration so that the body ‘s abilities to heal are accessed and the heart mind can meet the body with kindness and care.

$40.00 per session – a Zoom link will be sent to you before noon the day of the group, after your payment

Each class can be taken separately, or as all 4. one class: $40, all 4: $150

One Session

Four Sessions