Integrating Mindfulness: Anxiety, Yoga Moves

June 17, Utrecht

The seeds of anxiety originate from a variety of sources: repeated trauma, an illness and /or chronic pain, hormonal or neurotransmitter imbalance, a mind caught in fear of the unknown future, and gut discordance among them. How we skilfully work with our own and the mind and body of others, when anxiety takes root, and how we work with the mind and body before anxiety has had an opportunity to blossom, can come in many equally helpful forms.

By developing mindfulness we can cultivate interoception or internal awareness to address the body before the anxiety spreads to the mind; we can cultivate kind attention and soothe the body where sensations of anxiety are being felt; intellectually, then experientially we can know and teach about how to recognise triggers and the progression of thoughts and emotions that ensue once anxiety begins. Connecting the mind and body is pivotal in working with anxiety as is being able to separate and understand the relationship and roles both mind and body play.

This weekend will offer the following skills and practical information about:

  • Interoception/internal awareness: how to cultivate self regulation
  • The ability to differentiate what might be and what currently is and how to facilitate this understanding in others
  • Experience and understand mindfulness of the body practices
  • Experience and understand mindfulness of thoughts and emotions practices
  • Practice and learn how to facilitate visualizations that empower the mind and soothe the body
  • Learn skillful breath techniques to facilitate greater awareness of the body
  • Learn kindness and compassion practices for the body, heart and mind
  • Learn and practice restorative postures as form for mindfulness practice and nervous system rest

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