Individual mentoring

Practice and applying Dharma to your daily life is not meant to be done alone. It’s important to have someone you can trust and check in with – to share what is current and learn a wider variety of practices and why they might be of benefit to your daily life.

There’s really no typical session because everyone¬† is so unique, but the components of a private session can include:

  • A short embodied meditation practice that will be recorded and shared with you
  • Breathing practice(s)to balance the central nervous system
  • Recommendations for books and articles for those who like to see scientific study, and/or Dharma philosophy
  • Dharma talks and topics that can be found online
  • Suggestions for retreats, or general follow up about experiences on a retreat

What’s most important is that the session is for you with an emphasis on what will support your heart/mind, body and daily life.