Embodied Mindfulness: Coaching and Mentoring

Embodied Mindfulness is a practice that releases us from pre-occupation into presence and to be present at any time, and in any place. The practice of kind attention invites a spacious awareness, that in the most difficult and challenging of moments guides us skillfully with kindness, discernment and wisdom and opens into the capacity to absorb and appreciate moments of joy and ease as well.

Embodied Mindfulness brings us to our own body and the present moment. Dropping down and into our sensate experience takes us gently out of discursive thinking, worry, fear and anxiety and into a restful knowing awareness.

Waking up to life, re-evaluating and deepening an understanding of what matters and creating intentions are what guide us towards our natural heart of goodness and shared humanity. Together we walk a spiritual path worth taking for ourselves, each other and the world.

 Some of the Benefits of Embodied Mindfulness:

  • Supports the development of a personal and sustainable practice of mindfulness or enhances and re-vitalizes what you already have  
  • Cultivates compassion, emotional intelligence and the capacity to take kind care of yourself and others – at home, and at work
  • Contains a path that aids in living a life of integrity, creativity and authenticity
  • Supports the integration of mind/body tools to add to your professional work as a therapist, school teacher, coach, counselor, healthcare provider, mindfulness facilitator, employee, manager
  • Is helpful when working with a (or your) body and mind that might not be at it’s best, with illness, pain, trauma, addictions and or aging
  • Facilitates a clarity of mind that can navigate tough decisions and solve complex problems at work, or at home guided by ethical non harming principles
  • Calms the central nervous system and creates the conditions for a more relaxed and open mind

Fees upon request, sliding scale options available, book an appointment or 15 minute consultation here: https://JillSatterfieldconnect.as.me/

Applied Embodied Mindfulness Integration and Practice for Therapists and Healthcare Providers

The benefits of this approach is two fold:

Whether as one on one coaching, or in small groups, this confidential approach to integrating embodied mindfulness into clinical work adds practical, accessible, secular tools that can be directly applied to your work with clients and patients.

As importantly, with guided practices and discussion you will gain the direct experience of what a particular practice does, why it works, and how you might utilize it to empower others.

Our outcome of either setting is the same: to offer you a path to understanding your own body, heart and mind and gain confidence, increase your knowledge and creative thinking about applying these complimentary tools to what you already offer your clients.

Sessions available in person or online.

“Jill’s sage and compassionate teaching has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the practice of mindfulness. Since working with her I have both increased my commitment to my own mindfulness practice and expanded my conceptualization of how to practice. I have found her approach to somatic practices particularly helpful and since working with her, I feel much more confident incorporating this knowledge and practice into the work I do in my psychotherapy practice.” H.W. DBT clinician.

“As someone who has struggled with mindfulness and meditation, even as I’ve recommended these approaches to my therapy clients, I’ve had such a breakthrough working with Jill. Her relational approach to mindfulness has helped me to understand the concepts on a more intuitive level. Increasingly I find myself incorporating mindfulness into client sessions — with incredible results. Working with Jill has been an absolute joy and a career-expanding experience”. LCSW, Oakland, CA.

Please contact Jill here for a consultation: https://JillSatterfieldconnect.as.me/

Past Clients include:

  • Healing the Divide: The Richard Gere Foundation
  • Bent on Learning: Yoga for Urban Youth, NYC
  • The Lineage Project: Yoga and Meditation for At Risk Youth, NYC
  • Gouverneur Healthcare, NYC
  • Roosevelt Addiction Institute, NYC

“Jill understands the healing power of mindfulness because she has experienced it for herself. She also has a unique perspective on the social good that mindfulness can offer the world. Jill possesses specific and valuable knowledge about the more subtle aspects of practice that can help anyone deepen their own”.
~ Phillip Moffitt, Co-Guiding Teacher, Spirit Rock

“Jill is that rare teacher who speaks to the intuition as well as the intellect, activating the capacity for healing and realization in her students.  Both practical and profound, she bridges mind and body through her way of being as well as her clear articulation of the mind-body connection”.
~ Anna Douglas Founding Spirit Rock Teacher

“Jill is one of the most intuitively knowledgeable teachers I know. She combines science and spirituality, seen and unseen, in ways that are practical and accessible. Having Jill teach my patients mindfulness and embodiment practices has been an incredible support in their healing. I can’t recommend her highly enough”.

~ Dr. Mark Hyman, Best Selling Author and Director of Integrative Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic

“In her teaching, Jill manages to make subtle and complex concepts accessible while also providing clear, practical instruction for each student to seek his or her own experiential insight. Studying with Jill, I have been struck by her deep well of wisdom, kindness, and compassion as well as her special ability to help me locate those same resources inside myself”.
~ Kathy Lawson, MPH