Thoughts on Thoughts and Feelings (and befriending them)

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Part of a mindfulness practice is noticing our thoughts and feelings as they occur. We train our mind to be more ‘on the point’ of the present moment so to speak, so that whatever thoughts we have we notice them, and if we are feeling something we notice that too. This developed quality of noticing is what builds into knowing ourselves deeply.

The Incredible Lightness of Resilience

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Like a willowy tree with heavy, low hanging fruit – I was hooked up and laden with tubes in a hospital bed just a mere few weeks ago. Every drip and every bag contained something that my body needed and facilitated the repair and support for the surgery I had just had. I was tethered and wilted and grateful for the care!

Broken Open: Accepting the Nature of the Way Things Are

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We’ve all been broken and somehow repaired at least a few times in our lives, psychically split and sewn back together. The longer we live, the more there are emotional, mental and physical bumps and bruises, parts that break down and parts that break open. Rather than think of these fractures as flaws or weaknesses...


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To witness or to be with, not as a separate entity or self is one of our most potent and powerful tools for transformation and healing (in it's many iterations). To witness is to embrace our experiences individually and collectively. To bear witness is to be with, without the normal layer of judgment, or as importantly to notice the judgment as it arises and actually feel the pain and separation it creates so that it can be let go of.

Unplug to connect

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When was the last time you went without checking your phone for more than just the time that you were asleep? Can you remember the last time you spent an entire day without your computer? Maybe not! It's interesting to reflect on this for a moment.


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Mindfulness, recognition and awareness, are all forms of connection. True connection contains generosity and generosity of mind and spirit allows us to connect with others and to ourselves, in kindness and with care. It's a wonderful cycle that can be easily sparked by intention, attention and practice.

Turn on the light

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Deep within us is space -- call it spiritual space, empty space, metaphorical space, psychic space. We can intuit it, know it, ignore it, run from it, embrace it, and fill it. There are as many ways to live in our internal space as there are unique human beings with colorful personalities, needs, desires and pasts.

Listening to Body Language

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Listening sometimes means hearing a lot of noise. New practitioners of meditation can attest to this. Sit down, turn your attention inwardly and the sound of a million disparate voices, songs and static fill your awareness.

Life Support

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As it is holiday season it might be a good idea to consider expanding your idea of practice so that it includes some skillful means - whether you are with friends, framily, work colleagues, family of origin or even alone.