Vinefrom Original Dresses series, 1993

photo: Gisela Gamper ©1993

Vajra Yoga & Meditation (VY&M) integrates and embodies the practices of mindfulness, meditation, compassion, Buddhist philosophy, psychology and yoga asana.

Developed by Jill Satterfield, named “one of the 4 leading yoga and Buddhist teachers in the country” by Shambhala Sun, this integration of mind and body, opens practical portals to being present with each moment and in turn, fertilize the ground of kindness and ease into our lives.

Embodied mindfulness is a grounding practice that enables us to walk mindfully, speak and listen mindfully, self reflect and self regulate, connect with each other, cultivate insight, wisdom and compassion. With even a fraction of these developed qualities, we can navigate our lives with more authenticity and confidence.

We invite you to join us for a period of mindfulness of the body, breath, mind and emotions — experience for yourself the benefits of practice and learn how to continue to practice while seated at your desk, at a table for dinner, while walking to the coffee shop, sitting on a train or bus, or in conversation with another.

All levels of practice, all body shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, and ages are welcome.

Vajra is Sanskrit for clarity, adamantine, and indestructible – which refers to our true basic goodness and nature.

Learn about our sister organization: The School for Compassionate Action