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The body is our house—and how we live in it and where we occupy it are uniquely ours, as well as being part of the common human experience. The body is a treasure trove and an exquisite vehicle for our practice of waking up and being with what is.
~ Jill Satterfield, Meditation in Motion

Offering embodied mindfulness and somatic practices from contemplative psychology and wisdom traditions. 

Online individual and group mentoring and consulting. Day long workshops, immersive retreats and classes to integrate and assimilate practices so that they will become part of you and show up when you need them. 

We have a great opportunity to move back towards kindness, inclusivity, generosity and care for the earth and each other – let us not waste it, let’s work together towards rekindling goodness

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*Embodied Mindfulness is an integration of Somatic and Contemplative Psychology, Mindfulness, Kindness and Meditation that incorporate the facets of  mind, heart and body, intellect and felt sense. As whole and awakening beings, we can cultivate the capacity to be present, clear and compassionate to ourselves, each other and the world.

*Applied Embodied Mindfulness is how mindfulness and somatic awareness practices might be best applied to particular conditions, communities or professions.